Our Team

MDL is a studio based practice, based on the creative enquiry into how concept, content,and craft shapes projects and design-thinking. The client is a critical participant in discovering the potential of the project, and the experience and outcomes are most productive and valuable, where preconceptions do not cloud the creative process.

The studio prides itself on a youthful and inventive team, that is multicultural in composition and cosmopolitan in outlook. We see ourselves as global and local citizens and act accordingly with the integrity that requires. At various moments the studio culture fosters internal collaboration between artists, landscape architects, urban designers, product designers and multimedia specialists and the studio prides itself in its flexibility across scales and trans-disciplinary approach to design. We have extensive experience working in and leading large professional teams. A core team of architects, interns, artists and curators with an exceptional work ethic operate under the close creative and visionary direction of Mokena Makeka. Projects are nurtured with the intention that they have their own individual sensibility and unique contribution to their setting.

The studio has nurtured many people over the years and served as an incubator for undiscovered talent, without compromising on values, quality or conceptual continuity. Riaan Steenkamp and Jani Truter are associate architects and leaders within the studio. Geraldine Worship is our office manager and business planner.


Mokena Makeka quoted on his team in an interview with Destiny Man (2013):

“I run my studio as a place of learning and enquiry with a purpose.  We seek to inspire our clients and take them on a unique journey from which everybody grows... They [my staff] are all hungry to do well actually and everyone is very humble but confident.  They all have a slight quirkiness which makes them interesting individuals. [R]emember architecture is an art; it requires personality, intellect, stamina and bravery.

I like it when people surprise me.  It makes me run harder. That’s inspiring.”