About Us

MDL, Makeka Design Lab, is an award winning interdisciplinary design practice led by architecture and urban design as a filter and tool for design manifestation.

Our philosophy is to pursue an architectural mode of production that uses theoretical design positioning as a basis for accelerating cultural richness and diversity, fostering more substantial dialogues between ‘urban actors’ and the built environment. The purpose of MDL is thus partly to problematise the nature of praxis in a meaningful manner and make cognate new cultural trajectories in spatial terms.

Through passion and energy and with innovative problem solving it is the MDL mission to develop contemporary design solutions creating dynamic urban and spatial visions. The broader purpose is to advance new understandings about how cultural specificity fused into design processes can interact with the everyday and the universal; thus recognizing the post-colonial condition and complexities of an increasingly diverse but integrated world.

The team views the design challenge as one of bringing in line architectural approaches with the ethos of a transformed and improved civic environment whilst at the same time offering functional products that the community can be proud of. We care deeply about the human condition and the need for dignity.

At MDL, we understand that our work has a profound and long lasting influence on the world. We use excellence and design to shape the future, protect our natural environment and enrich lives. We believe that excellence takes on many forms, the pursuit of which is a constant journey of innovation and perseverance that transcends frontiers. The attainment of excellence is about moving the soul.